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About Find Facebook ID Tool

Nearly three billion people use the social media platform Facebook each month. It has been around for more than ten years. Businesses may interact with their audience through Facebook posts and adverts, making it a great marketing tool.

There are other ways to locate your Facebook ID, but utilising the NanoWebTools Find Facebook ID Tool is the simplest. Click the "Find Now" option after entering the Facebook profile link for the user ID you wish to look for.

A web-based tool called the Facebook ID finder from can be used to discover the ID of any Facebook user. The tool is provided by NanoWebTools, is open to the general public, and does not call for any specialised training or expertise.

How to Use the Tool to Find Facebook ID?

Top Online Resources Simply input the URL of the profile link you wish to check for its Facebook ID and click Find Now to use the simple-to-use Facebook ID discovery tool. The procedures you must take in order to obtain a Facebook user's ID are listed below:

  • Visit the Facebook user's profile where you wish to find the Facebook ID.
  • From the top URL box, copy the whole URL of the Facebook user to the clipboard.
  • Go to
  • Use the paste icon or manually enter the copied URL into the toolbox.
  • On the Find Now button, click. Once you've done so, the programme will locate the Facebook user's ID.

Why Utilize Our Facebook ID Find Tool?

Why use NanoWebTools Facebook ID finder over other tools when there are so many others available online?

  • Our Facebook ID lookup tool is intended to be extremely straightforward and user-friendly. It is simple to use and understand.
  • This tool delivers the outcome immediately and without any delays.
  • You may use this tool without paying anything or signing up for a membership of any type.

Describe Facebook ID?

Typically, when we are asked about our identity or identity documentation, the identity connected to the specific location comes to mind. For example, if we were asked this question at work, we would understand that it refers to our definition of the organisation and our position.

When we are asked about our identification or an identity card, we usually think of the identity linked with the specific location; for example, if we are asked this question at work, we realise that what is meant is our definition of the firm and our job title.

Because identity expresses the individual, most programmes build an identity for each user and offer him with the relevant services; for example, each Facebook user has his or her own identity.

The Facebook ID is a string of digits that is linked to the Facebook profile. Every profile on Facebook is immediately assigned a user ID, and anybody with the user ID may view the profile and public information.

What is the purpose of requiring my Facebook ID?

You or someone else may view and share your profile, public information, and everyday actions if you use a Facebook ID. So, if you know someone's Facebook ID, you may search his account and observe or share his activity, making it easier to converse.

The Facebook Id is one of the most straightforward methods for locating a Facebook account and/or sharing pages or profiles. This is owing to the ID's precision, which leaves no opportunity for error and allows access to another website or profile.

What exactly is a Facebook profile URL?

The Facebook profile URL is the page's particular address that appears immediately after Facebook's web address, and it may include a unique ID instead of a username if the user has not yet converted it to the username.

The structure of a URL generally consists of two parts: the first portion indicates the protocol to use as the primary or initial access medium, and the second part identifies the IP address and subdomain where the resource is hosted.

What Is the Difference Between ID and URL?

We know what the ID and URL are, but what is the distinction between them? Isn't one of them a link to the account?

Each has its own purpose and set of characteristics. The ID is a globally unique URL-based identification for a single entity. However, it is based on the official URL where the entity may be located, sometimes with an anchor to signify that entity on the page.

How can I get the URL of my Facebook profile?

The URL has already been generated once you created your Facebook account, so follow these instructions to retrieve it:

  1. Go to your Facebook profile page first.
  2. Tap the selections after that.
  3. This link may be used as your Facebook profile URL by scrolling down to the Profile Link section and clicking Copy Link.

How can I get the ID of my Facebook page?

Pages also have it, just like the profile does, therefore follow these steps to locate it:

  • Select an option in the Facebook page's upper right corner.
  • tab on "Pages" as the selection.
  • tap "About" on your website or the page where you wish to get the ID.
  • then descend to view the Page ID.

How can I find the URL of my Facebook page?

The Facebook page URL may be found on computers in the address bar at the top of the browser.

However, on the mobile app, hit the choices menu and then look for the address in the Profile link area to get the Facebook URL for a page.

Android devices often display the link options in the apiaries, whereas iOS devices do not. In order to get your URL, open Facebook, go to the company page, touch More, scroll down, and then click Shown Link.

How do I locate the ID for my Facebook group?

Your Facebook Group ID is the 12-digit number found in the URL of your Facebook group. Follow these instructions to locate your Facebook group ID:

The address bar of your browser should be visible when you open the group.
Copy a series of integers between /s (without getting either of the /s) or take the name of your group, not the entire URL, from the URL.

How can I acquire the URL for my Facebook group?

A numerical identification is provided to you when you create a profile, page, or group. The numerical identification, however, is added to the end of the standard Facebook URL when you establish a group.

Therefore, you must navigate to the group's Settings, click Share, and then pick Copy Link to locate your group URL.

How can I discover the Facebook URL on my phone?

As previously indicated, the way the data is shown differs depending on the platform. For instance, Android smartphones provide link choices even within the app, while iOS devices do not; instead, you must access Facebook through a web browser.

Therefore, depending on your device, different steps must be taken to get a Facebook URL. And here is how, on both iOS and Android, you can locate and copy your Facebook URL.

How can I copy the Facebook link on an Android phone?

To copy a Facebook URL on an Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the business page by clicking.
  2. Click "More."
  3. Click Show Link after swiping down.
  4. Copy the URL.

How can I copy the Facebook URL on iOS?

To copy a Facebook URL on an iOS device, follow the instructions below:

  • At the bottom of the screen, tap the menu bar.
  • Then scroll down to the "Settings" option.
  • Select "Account Settings," then scroll down to "Website." The URL will appear next to the Home Page, so copy it.

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