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QR Code Generator

The rapid response code, or QR code, was created in 1994 by the Japanese car firm Denso Wave. It is a particular kind of machine-readable matrix barcode. It could include information on a product or service, a website address, an application link, etc. Numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary, and kanji data encoding are supported by QR codes in four different ways.

What Are Some Uses for QR Code?

You may utilise QR codes for a plethora of purposes. Nowadays, receiving payments using a QR code is the most common use. Similar to aps, Bhatar Pay, PhonePay, and Gpay offer QR codes to receive payments. There are some restrictions, though, and you cannot customise those. With this free online application, which generates personalised QR codes, you can copy your UPI ID. Additionally, you may add your logo. You can generate a QR code using your bank's UPI code if you prefer not to use third-party applications to make payments.

A QR Code can be used to draw people to your website or persuade them to download your application. Use a QRcode that contains your website or application URL in your store banners and flayers.

How is a QR code created?

Using an internet tool makes it very simple to create a QR code.

  • Fill out the text field with your content, including any URLs, texts, contact information, etc.
  • Choosethe size of the image.
  • If you wish to add a custom logo, check the Custom logo box. Choose the logo size and the Logo.png file.
  • On the Generate button, click.

You can now download it and use it wherever you choose.

Barcode vs. QR Code Differences

The distinction between the barcode and the QR code is often unclear. Despite the fact that there are tiny variances, many people believe it to be the same. In essence, a barcode is a pattern of different width lines and gaps. A QR code reader can decode the machine-readable picture that makes up the QR code. The barcode is designed so that it can be scanned and that a computer can extract the data from it. The QR code is essentially a two-dimensional barcode that can be read by QR code scanners and used to store data. The barcode is a useful tool for keeping and disseminating information. The QR code is primarily utilised in mobile phones, but it is a useful method of information storage as well.


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