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The Nano Web Tools ICO image converter is a free online application that enables users to convert a variety of picture formats to ICO images with varying icon sizes. If you need to create your own ICO document from an image, this tool is quite helpful.

The best way to turn other picture formats into ICO files is to use an ICO converter. It supports numerous conversions, including those from JPG to ICO and PNG to ICO. Additionally, you may convert ICO files into a number of formats, such GIF and TIFF. Additionally, you may pick the ICO size that you want to produce.

How Can an ICO Converter Tool Be Used?

You may create your ICO files quickly by using this ICO Tool, which is easy to use. Simply visit the Image Editing area of the TopOnlineTools website and choose the ICO conversion tool.

If you're already there, you may search for the picture you want to convert to ICO or upload it. If you want to utilise an image that is already online, select Use Remote URL or choose File to load one from your drive. The image's URL should be copied and pasted into the toolbox.

Next, choose one of nine sizes for your output image. Click Convert after which you may get your ICO file.

Why Use an ICO Converter?

There are several ICO picture conversion programmes accessible online, but the one we use—and many of the people who frequent our site—seems to be among the best. The following are some justifications for bookmarking this tool.

  • The conversion tool for ICOs by NanoWebTools is simple to use. The user experience on the UI is lovely and pleasant. It is quite straightforward.
  • Images are quickly converted with our programme. You may get the ICO file for your image immediately because the programme can finish the task instantaneously.
  • To determine the ICO file size, the programme has 9 sizes that you may choose from.
  • The utility is available without charge for perpetual usage. There is no restriction on how you may use it, and there are no fees associated with it.
  • If you need to convert photographs to other formats, you may find a number of related tools on our website.

How to Install ICO Converters Tool?

It is simple to set up an ICO converter. Let's say the programme is exclusive to a certain operating system, like Windows or Mac. The installation file must then be downloaded from the official website and run on a machine that is appropriate for that platform. However, if the software has an online converter, all you need to do is visit the website of the product in issue to utilise it.

By using a favicon, you may help users remember your website and read it more engagingly. But because the JPG or PNG images you currently have are too large for your website symbol, you can't utilise them to create a favicon for your website.

As a result, you must convert them into ICO files before utilising them as website favicons. In ICO format, your image may be shown in a very small size. It is simple to convert any image into an ICO image using the ICO converters tool so that you may use it as the favicon for your website.

Best ICO Converter

Format Factory

With the help of Format Factory, a multimedia conversion tool that is both free and fully functional, you can convert music, video, and picture files to other formats. It offers a wide range of features, including conversion to ICO, compatibility for the majority of multimedia file formats, the ability to fix broken video files, and the ability to reduce the size of multimedia files. It may be downloaded on Windows.


ConvertICO is a free, highly easy-to-use, and rapid PNG to ICO conversion application. Using this programme, you may batch convert up to 10 distinct photographs at once by choosing images from a local disc, an internet drive, or a particular URL. The internet may be used to access it.

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