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Square feet calculator, calculate meters, inches, yards, hectares etc.

square foot calculator

The square centimetre, square metre, square foot, square yard, square inch, acre, hectare, and other area units can all be converted using this tool.

For example:

If you need to convert the area of a floor, land, carpet, tile, etc. from an acre to square feet, choose the acre unit and click the convert button. Use this calculator to convert an acre to square feet.

Conversion units for the Area Calculator:

Acres (ac), Hectares (ha), Square Centimeters (cm2), Square Feet (ft2), Square Inches (in2), Square Kilometers (km2), Square Meters (m2), Square Micrometers (m2), Square Miles (mi2), Square Millimeters (mm2), and Square Yards (yd2) are the conversion units for the area calculator.

How Does an Area Converter Work?

To measure floor tiles, mats, carpets, etc., area units may need to be converted. Only the value you want to convert into other units needs to be entered. Click the convert button after choosing the unit from the drop-down box. Your unit will be instantaneously converted to another unit.


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