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frequency converter

This frequency converter tool allows you to convert between Millihertz (mHz), Kilohertz (kHz), Megahertz (MHz), Gigahertz (GHz), Terahertz (THz), Rotation per Minute (rpm), Degree per second (deg/s), and Radian per second (rad/s).

Frequency is defined as a wave that travels between two locations. We compute frequency by measuring a certain wavelength travelling between two points during a specific time period.

The frequency measurement formula is:

f = 1/T

  • f = frequency (the Greek letters nu (ν) and omega (ω) are used to represent the frequency at a given point)
  • T = time-period

This free online frequency conversion converter transforms one frequency unit to another. Enter any frequency and convert it to another frequency unit with a single click.

How Does One Convert Frequency?

Simply enter the frequency value in the empty value text box. Now, from the drop-down menu, choose the frequency unit and hit the Convert button.

Complete List Of Frequently Units For Conversion

  • 1 Millihertz [mHz] = 0.001 Hertz [Hz]
  • 1 Millihertz [mHz] = 1.0E-6 Kilohertz [kHz]
  • 1 Millihertz [mHz] = 1.0E-9 Megahertz [MHz]
  • 1 Millihertz [mHz] = 1.0E-12 Gigahertz [GHz]
  • 1 Millihertz [mHz] = 1.0E-15 Terahertz [THz]
  • 1 Millihertz [mHz] = 0.06 Rotation per minute [rpm]
  • 1 Millihertz [mHz] = 0.36 Degree per second [deg/s]
  • 1 Millihertz [mHz] = 0.0062831853071796 Radian per second [rad/s]


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