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Online GST Calculator

GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. In India, TAX is an indirect taxing system. It is a multi-tiered, destination-based tax on the provision of goods and services.

What Is GST Calculator?

GST Calculator is a simple and helpful tool for buyers, producers, and distributors. This online application allows anybody to compute GST due for a month or quarter. To calculate GST and reverse GST, you can select between GST Exclusive and GST Inclusive amounts.

How to Calculate GST with GST Calculator?

With our NanoWebTools GST Calculator, you can compute GST in a few simple steps.

  • Enter the total amount.
  • Enter the GST rate.
  • Click on calculate button.

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Calculate GST Manually:

If you are a buyer, business owner, manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, you can calculate GST easily with the help of the following formula of percentage:

Calculate GST amount from the value excluding GST:

GST Amount = (Value of Product or Services x GST%)/100

Total Billing Amount= Value of Product or Services + GST Amount

For Example: If you are purchasing refrigerator of Rs 28000/- and GST is 28% 

GST Ammount = (28000 × 28)/100 = 7840

Total Billing Amount is RS. 35840/-

Calculate GST amount from the value including GST:

GST Amount = Value of Product or Services – [Value of Product or Services x {100/(100+GST%)}]

For Example: If you purchased Refrigerator with total value of Rs. 35840/- and refrigerator is under 28% of GST.

GST Amount = 35840-[35840×{100/(100+28)}]

= 35840-[35840×100/128]

= 7840/-

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