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Loan Calculator

Our free loan calculator calculates the payback schedule, interest cost, and amortisation schedule of standard amortised loans, delayed payment loans, and interest-only loans.

Housing Loan Calculator

A loan is money obtained from a person or institution. Personal loans, house loans, auto loans, education loans, business loans, and other sorts of loans are available. Loans are made with interest. Iterest is computed using two alternative methods. There are two types of interest: simple interest and compound interest.

The interest rate is not set; it fluctuates according to geography and loan type, rate of interest calculator

You may use our online Loan EMI calculator to calculate EMI for various tenures and interest rates. This online calculator may be used to calculate a house loan, mortgage interest, total loan cost, total interest, and other things.

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How Does an EMI Calculator Work?

The loan EMI calculator is simple to use:

  • Enter the Loan Amount, which is the principle amount.
  • Enter the loan term in months and the interest rate.
  • Rate of Interest

Select the Calculate option. This interest rate calculator will calculate and display the monthly payment EMI, total cost of loan (principal + interest), and total interest in real time.

Different Loan Types:

A home loan is a form of mortgage loan. Any bank or money lending organisation can assist you acquire land, a complete house, or an under construction house. The interest rate is determined by the lending policies of the bank and the country. This tool may be used as a housing loan calculator or an amortisation loan calculator.

Car Loan: A car loan is similar to a mortgage in that a bank or a financing business would assist you in purchasing a two-wheeler or four-wheeler. It uses your automobile as collateral. You will receive ownership of your automobile after your loan is fully paid off. You may use this tool as a vehicle loan calculator.

Personal Loan: You can apply for a loan, and the funds will be sent into your bank account. You may use this money for personal purposes. Because it might be mortgaged or secured, the interest rate on a personal loan is relatively high. This personal loan calculator can assist you in calculating your EMI.

Education Loan: A bank provides a loan for furthering one's education. After you have a job, you must pay your EMIs.

Business Loan: You can get a loan to start your own business. The government provides funds through a bank with no security.


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