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Easily remove all line breaks or paragraph breaks in text

A free tool that Remove Line Breaks online. A very handy online tool for Removing all abnormally inserted line breaks.


Sometimes we need to copy information from an email or PDF to create a new document, but when we paste the data, it can have extra spacing, formatting errors, and unnecessary line breaks. Removing all of these issues can be time-consuming and frustrating. This tool can help by automatically removing these problems when you paste the text.

This tool can be helpful for remove paragraph breaks when you have information that is written in a narrow section with line breaks between each line. You can use this tool with any type of text, like a column from a PDF, an email with mistakes, a post from Instagram, etc. It will automatically remove the line breaks from your text.

This tool also gives you the option to remove all line breaks, including those that create paragraphs (usually indicated by double line breaks). If you have text that is in a strange format, like a PDF, and the word wrapping and word remove line breaks are causing problems, you can use this tool to save time rather than manually deleting the line breaks yourself.

This free tool can solve all of your formatting problems quickly and easily. It can remove line breaks and extra spaces, and make your text documents look beautiful.

You have two options to format you text in this text utility. One is, remove all line breaks without preserving paragraph breaks (it removes double line breaks). And the second is, remove both line breaks and paragraph breaks.

How to Eliminate Line Breaks Using Nano Web Free Tool:

  • Put line-broken text in the input box by typing, copying, or uploading it.
  • Select the "Remove Line Breaks only" button or the "Remove Line Breaks and paragraph breaks" button as per your choice.
  • Then hit the format button to get the output text box's text without any line breaks.

Your text source can be anything. You can copy Instagram post, a PDF document or a email. This handy tool will automatically format your text and give a new document without extra line breaks.

You may reduce the waste line breaks from your word docs with Nano Web Tools line break removal tool. It eliminates repeated or cloned lines. Here, you may search for and edit a specific phrase or word from your text. With a single click, you can replace any phrase with new text.You must input the term and select the delete option if you would like to remove any word.

How to remove line breaks in word:

You can also use to remove line breaks in word (Microsoft), we are explaining for your knowledge

1. Show Section Breaks Method:

  • Go to the 'Home tab' and Select 'Show/Hide' available in the 'Paragraph group'. Or use shortcut key -> Ctrl+* (or Ctrl+Shift+8).

For Mac users, go to the Home tab and select 'Show All Nonprinting Characters'.

  • Now you can see All section breaks.
  • You can now easily remove the section breaks, which you want to remove.
  • Again press the Show/Hide button in paragraph group to hide section breaks.

2. Find and Replace Method:

Go to the Home tab and, to open the Find and Replace dialog box, press the Replace button available in the Edit group. Or use shortcut key -> Ctrl+H

For Mac users, use the Search box in the upper-right corner of the document.

  • In the Find what text box, enter ^p^p for text documents (the letter p must be lowercase) and ^l for documents containing html (lowercase L).
  • In the Replace with text box, enter ^p.
  • Select Replace All to remove all breaks at once. Or Select Replace and then Find Next to remove breaks one by one.

How to remove paragraph breaks in word?

  1. For remove paragraph breaks in word, Select the paragraph break and press the "delete" key on your keyboard.
  2. Alternatively, use the "Find and Replace" feature by pressing "Ctrl+H" and entering "^p" in the "Find what" field. Leave the "Replace with" field blank, then click "Replace All" to remove all paragraph breaks from the document.

How to remove line breaks in text on iPhone, Android?

Our line break remover works on web browser as xsl linebreak, allowing you to remove all line breaks in text easily on all browsers and all operating systems like: Chrome, Firefox, Opera , Edge, PC, tablet, iPhone, Android without software installation.

Safe & Secure: Nano Web Tools are a tools you can rely on without worrying about the security of your content. All submitted/uploaded data is automatically deleted after 1 hour.

With Nano Web Tools, you can remove all line breaks and paragraph breaks in your text quickly in a few simple steps. We will continuously upgrade to give you the best experience! Please share this tool with friends and family. Thank you!

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