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The computation of light wavelengths travelling in a certain direction in a given area is known as luminance, and the intensity of light on a surface in a given area is known as illuminance. Illuminance is used to measure brightness and is commonly used in photometry. Illuminance is often measured in Lux (lx).

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This online calculator is a very handy tool for converting Illuminance units. Microlux, Millilux, Lux, Kilolux, Lumen per square metre, Lumen per square centimetre, Foot candle, Phot, and Nox may all be converted.

How do you utilise the Illuminance Unit Converter tool?

This online free unit conversion tool is really simple to use. With a single click, you can convert brightness. You simply need to enter the value and choose the unit you wish to convert before clicking the Convert button. Within a second, your unit will be transformed to onter units.

Illuminance Convert Table:

  • 1 Lux (lx) = 1000000 Microlux ( μlx)
  • 1 Lux (lx) = 1000 Millilux (mlx)
  • 1 Lux (lx) = 0.001 Kilolux (klx)
  • 1 Lux (lx) = 1 Lumen per Square Meter (lm/m²)
  • 1 Lux (lx) = 0.0001 Lumen per Square Centimeter (lm/c²)
  • 1 Lux (lx) = 0.09000000009 Foot candle (fc)
  • 1 Lux (lx) = 0.0001 Phot (ph)
  • 1 Lux (lx) = 1000 Nox


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