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The force exerted on a surface is referred to as pressure. Pascal is the SI unit of pressure (Pa). Pressure is calculated by dividing Force by Area. P=F/A is the pressure equation.

Pressure converter

This web converter was created to convert pressure units. This online pressure converter tool makes it simple to convert pressure units. It is a very useful tool for converting units between Pascal (Pa), Kilopascal (kPa), Megapascal (MPa), Hectopascal (hPa), Bar (bar), Torr (torr), Pound per square inch (psi), and Kilopound per square inch (kPa) (ksi)

How Do You Change Pressure Units?

This pressure converter is used to convert pressure units. You simply need to input the value and choose the unit before clicking the Convert button.

Pressure Units, and conversion value calculator

  • 1 Bar = 100000 Pascal [ bar to Pa / Pa to bar ]
  • 1 Bar = 100 Kilopascal [ bar to kPa / kPa to bar ]
  • 1 Bar = 0.1 Megapascal [ bar to MPa / MPa to bar ]
  • 1 Bar = 1000 Hectopascal [ bar to hPa / hPa to bar ]
  • 1 Bar = 750.06168270417 Torr [ bar to torr / torr to bar ]
  • 1 Bar = 14.503768078 Pound per square inch [ bar to psi / psi to bar ]
  • 1 Bar = 0.014503768078 Kilopound per square inch [ bar to ksi / ksi to bar ]


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