Power Converter

Convert instantly between kilowatts, megawatts, watts and other metrics

Power Converter is a free online tool that converts Watts to Milliwatts, Kilowatts, Megawatts, and Gigawatts. It is a simple tool for calculating and converting power units.

Every electrical appliance we use every day requires energy to work, and the amount of power required varies by item. This online power converter tool assists you in converting power units so that you may set the proper power for each item.

The gadget's label includes power recommendations. A refrigerator, for example, takes 0.5-1 kW of power to run. If you have a power metre that just displays watts. This tool can help you convert kilowatts to watts.

How To Use Power Convert?

It is really simple and basic; simply enter the Power Supply value in the value box and choose a power unit from Milliwatt(mW), Watt(W), Kilowatt(kW), Megawatt(MW), or Gigawatt (GW). Now press the convert button. You will immediately have your indicated power unit transformed into all other units.


Aarim Khan

CEO / Co-Founder

Our goal is to provide online free tools so you don't have to install any software for basic usages. We are trying to add more tools and make these tools free forever.

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