Confidence Interval Calculator

Confidence Interval Calculator, Standard Deviation Calculator

The Confidence Interval (CI) is the range of estimations for an unknown parameter.

Confidence intervals calculator

Jerzy Neyman, a Polish mathematician, popularised the concept of confidence intervals in 1937. This concept was widely accepted by scientists, medical journalists, and statisticians.

The formula for computing confidence intervals is as follows: confidence interval (CI) = X Z(S n)


Confidence intervals Formula

In this equation:

  • x̄ is the mean
  • Z is the Z-value ( The Values of Z is in below Table)
  • s is the standard deviation
  • n is the number of observations

What exactly is the Confidence Intervals Calculator?
This is a free online calculator for determining Confidence Intervals. Using this online calculator, you can effortlessly carry out the above-mentioned formula. It rapidly calculates and displays the result based on your input.

How does the Confidence Interval Calculator work?
This tool is quite simple to use. You simply need to input the Sample Mean (x), Sample Size (n), and Standard Deviation (s) values. Then pick the Confidence Level; this tool allows you to choose between 70% and 99.9%. After you've entered all of your information, hit the Calculate button.


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