Reactive Energy Converter

Convert Reactive Energy or AC Power

Reactive Energy Converter

Reactive Energy Converter is a free online converter that converts Volt to Millivolt, Kilovolt, Megavolt, and Gigavolt, as well as vice versa. Simply input a value in any of the fields, and the tool will compute the corresponding values in the other areas. These numbers may be used to measure and test voltages, currents, and energy.

How to Convert Reactive AC Power?

Reactive AC Power Converter

With this free online unit conversion tool, you may convert Reactive Energy or Reactive AC Power.

  • In the Value area, enter the value.
  • Choose an energy unit from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the convert button.

It will automatically convert your supplied value into all other units.

Reactive Energy Convert Table:

  • 1 Volt (VARh) = 1000 Millivolt (mVARh)
  • 1 Volt (VARh) = 0.001 Kilovolt (kVARh)
  • 1 Volt (VARh) = 1.0E-6 Megavolt (MVARh)
  • 1 Volt (VARh) = 1.0E-9 Gigavolt (GVARh)


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