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Any object that moves a specific distance in a predetermined amount of time is said to be moving at speed. In other terms, speed is the rate at which you travel a distance in a certain amount of time. The most used unit of speed is the kilometer per hour or km/h.

This free web tool is excellent for converting speed units. Kilometers per hour are how we measure speed. The speed can also be found on any car's speedometer. You can convert any unit to Meter per second (m/s), Kilometer per hour (km/h), Mile per hour (m/h), Kont (kn, kt), Foot per Hour (ft/h), Foot per Minute (ft/min), or Foot per Second (ft/s) using this free calculator.

How to Convert Speed?

Any unit of speed can be converted to another in a split second. To convert into other units, you simply need to input the speed value and unit in the proper fields before clicking the Convert button.

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